so, i finally ordered some gels to play around with from b&h. ( i got the rainbow pack, if you’re curious. ) they’re really fantastic, and i couldn’t be happier with the results! i finally had a chance to try them out today, and i ended up shooting some self portraits. i really need to start working with models, because i’m so tired of using myself! i mean its definitely convenient - i’m always available - i’m just really terrible at modeling.  i’ve been looking at model mayhem.. has anyone here on tumblr used that website before? is it a good idea?

I want to apologize for my recent inactivity. I can tell people prefer it when I post more often, because my number of followers always drops when I’m not! My absence is due in part to having adopted a new companion for my cat Ludwig. The cat we got initially was named Nigel, and let me tell you he was an absolute terror! I’ve never met a cat like this in my life. In fact, I’m missing work to head to the doctor’s office this afternoon to treat a viscous bite that has become quite infected. So, anyway, we returned the cat to the rescue center after putting up with too much violence for a week… They felt so bad for us they let us pick out another cat to try again. Now we have a sweet little girlfriend for my cat.. She’s wonderful! We’ve named her Loretta, mostly because of my obsession with Loretta Lynn, and also because we like the alliteration: Loretta & Ludwig. There will definitely be photos of the little lady posted here in the coming days. ( I promise not too many! )

Anyway, I thought I would post some things I’ve been working on. These are two paintings I’ve done recently.. Kind of experiments, as I usually don’t paint in this style… I’ve always really liked a lot of colour, but it’s been getting maybe a little ridiculous lately.

i’ve been featured on, check it out!

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